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Did you know that Oxonians (which is just a fancy term for anyone connected to Oxford University) have an impressive track record? We’re talking about two British kings and a whopping twelve monarchs from ten different countries. Plus, they’ve produced twenty-eight British prime ministers and thirty-five leaders from nineteen other nations.

Talk about a global impact!

Hey, hello, it doesn’t end here! Until October 2022, the University of Oxford can proudly claim 73 Nobel Laureates in its ranks, not to mention 4 Fields Medalists and 6 Turing Award winners who’ve either studied, worked or hung out there.

These are some seriously brainy folks!

And if that’s not enough to impress you, Oxford alumni have brought home a jaw-dropping total of 160 Olympic medals.

Now, that’s what we call a gold-standard education!

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The Oxford Institute is a nonprofit organization established by Oxford University academics and alumni. This institute offers two-week residential summer programs called “The Oxford Experience” during July and August. These programs revolve around three key themes: Oxford Learning, Leadership, and Lifestyle.

Discover two exciting summer programs: “Oxford Summer Program” and “Oxford London Program.” These programs combine academic excellence from Oxford University with vibrant cultural experiences, open to all ages. All summer courses are accredited and approved by the British Accreditation Council.

The Oxford Summer Programs offer tailored curriculums for ages 12 to 25+, focusing on academic, communication, and business skills development. It’s perfect for university preparation and career advancement. Explore Oxford’s academic resources while engaging with experts in your chosen field.

Courses come in major and minor options, both offering lectures, tutorials, and assessments. Both courses feature debate coaching modules, delivered by the Oxford Union team, as well as admission counselling sessions. This includes four guest lectures, field trips or cultural visits, and parliamentarian-style discussions. The trips and lectures give students the chance to explore the city and visit important historical sites soaking in the culture.

The Summer Program always in high demand, offers a unique, unforgettable experience. With a low student-teacher ratio, the program ensures personalized attention, especially when students need extra help.

But wait, there’s more! For shaping well-rounded individuals, extracurricular activities are very important. The Summer program offers a wide array of activities, from outdoor sports like football and cricket to mind-bending challenges like chess. These activities not only provide a break from academics but also build essential life skills like leadership and teamwork.

And it’s not all about serious stuff – The program also offers movie nights, karaoke, live music, and sightseeing to make lasting memories and discover hidden talents. With Oxford Summer Programs, the students get a blend of academics, unique experiences, and a classic Oxford University atmosphere.

THE OXFORD SUMMER PROGRAM offers a unique opportunity to study at the prestigious University of Oxford, with sessions commencing on July, 2024. The program includes tuition fees, meals, transportation within the UK, study materials, and accommodation, all for a total cost of £4,999*. It's a comprehensive package for an enriching educational experience in the historic setting of Oxford.

*The fee does not cover travel to and from the UK.

THE OXFORD - LONDON SUMMER PROGRAM offers an exciting opportunity to explore the academic excellence of the University of Oxford and Imperial College, London. Students will live at two prestigious university campuses and have the chance to study, interact with tutors, and attend lectures at both Oxford and Imperial. Additionally, program participants will visit Imperial College London and University College London for guest lectures.
Beginning on July, 2024, this program covers tuition fees, meals, transportation within the UK, study materials, and accommodation, all-inclusive for a total fee of £5,499*. It's a comprehensive package for a rich educational experience, combining the historic academic setting of Oxford and Imperial College, with the dynamic urban life of London.

*The fee does not cover travel to and from the UK.



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Oxford Leadership

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The Three Key Themes
Dates To Remember

Oxford Summer Programme
Location: University of Oxford

Start Dates: 28 Jul – 9th Aug

Duration: 2 Weeks

Oxford-London Summer Programme

Locations: University of Oxford and London

Start Dates: 14 Jul – 26 Jul 2024

Duration: 2 Weeks

(Avail a flat discount of GBP 300 by registering through Academic Quests)


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