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Wevoi Reload Round Results Announced

Wevoi Reload Round Results Announced!

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional achievements of the participants in the Wevoi Reload Online Round. In the JuniorVoi category, Elani Ahmed Shah from Learning Alliance International secured the 3rd position, showcasing remarkable eloquence and skill. In YoungsterVoi category, Khawaja Hassan Yazdani from Beaconhouse Newlands, Multan claimed the 4th position. In JuniorVoi category Myra […]
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Oxford-China Summer Program

Oxford-China Summer Program

The Oxford-China Summer Program is about to begin for 2024! Immerse yourself in Chinese culture and academics! Join the program, a 12-day adventure in Chengdu. Learn from top British academics alongside international classmates. Apply now! Last chance! We are offering a special 50% discount for the last ten international students. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! For […]
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Owlypia Summer Challenge

Owlypia Summer Challenge 2024

Owlypia is an exciting international competition for students ages OWLINS (9-11), OWLETS (12-14), and OWLYS (15-18). The Owlypia aims to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind and has a central theme each year. This year’s theme is “Innovation: What’s Next”. Owlypia was founded in 2017 by Perceptum Education, a certified Social Enterprise based in […]
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Evidence from the 2022-23 Admissions Results In this report of positioning research in college applications, Lumiere analyzes data from 340 students who participated in the Lumiere Research Scholar Program and their college admissions outcomes. Specifically, they compare Lumiere students to the general admission pool and find that students who conducted research were four times more […]
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Register For Lumiere Summer Cohort 2024!

Explore. Investigate. Reveal. Are you driven by the pursuit of unraveling mysteries, pushing boundaries, and shaping a brighter future? Join the dynamic community of researchers and embark on an exhilarating voyage of exploration. Whether it’s unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos or solving real-world challenges, Lumiere provides boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Gear […]
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Lumi Webinar Calling! All Pakistani Students

Your chance to learn from our speaker, Mr. Harish Menon, a Carnegie Mellon University alumnus and Vice President International, Lumi.Network, is an award-winning, mission-driven leader in global education management and management consulting, who champions access, equity, and excellence in programs that make a transformative difference in people’s lives. Lumi.Network is not just another platform; it’s […]
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HUM TV News Quill and Scroll

Hum Tv News Quill and Scroll

Empowering Tomorrow’s Journalists: Media Coverage of EoI’s Quill and Scroll Event Hum TV News clip of our event shows students inducted into Quill and Scroll Honorary Society celebrated alongside winners of the editorial writing competition. Judged by renowned American journalists, the event showcased oath-taking, award distribution, and inspiring words from host Ms. Shanza Khan, Founder […]
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Quill and Scroll Award Distribution and Induction Ceremony

Talented Pakistani students were awarded prestigious Quill and Scroll Gold Keys for their submissions in the Editorial Writing Contest, co-sponsored by Eye on Ivy and Quill and Scroll. The winning editorials tackled a pressing issue facing Pakistani youth: the impact of the pandemic on mental health. The students’ articles showcased insightful analysis and compelling arguments. […]
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Champions IRI Science - Eye On Ivy

Champions of IRI Science Competition!

We are thrilled to announce that Kaab and Noor from The City School, Khaniwal Campus have emerged as the champions of the International Research Institute – North Carolina’s science competition! Their passion, hard work, and innovative approach stood out among the participants, impressing the esteemed panel of award-winning American scientists who served as judges. The […]
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Caribou Results Round 6

Caribou Round 6 Results Announced!

Caribou Results are here; Let’s pop confetti!   It’s time for a grand celebration because Caribou Round 6 has wrapped up with a spectacular bang!  We’re bursting with joy to share the fantastic news and send many congratulations to all the participants who poured their hearts and souls into this adventure.  But hold on, we’ve got to […]
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