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Evidence from the 2022-23 Admissions Results

In this report of positioning research in college applications, Lumiere analyzes data from 340 students who participated in the Lumiere Research Scholar Program and their college admissions outcomes. Specifically, they compare Lumiere students to the general admission pool and find that students who conducted research were four times more likely to be accepted into a top university.

For the class of 2027, Lumiere had 9 students accepted to UPenn, 7 to Yale, and 4 to Stanford, among more than 100 other institutions.

Lumiere also examines how students incorporate research into their applications and identifies three main findings:

A) Over 98% of respondents included their research project in their college applications,

B) Almost a third of the applicants wrote about their research in a supplemental essay, and

C) More than a third of the students accepted into top colleges received a recommendation from Lumiere, which they used in one of their college applications.

Many Lumiere scholars who benefitted from Lumiere’s financial aid program for their research have now been offered admissions into top colleges like Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, and Brown.

At the end of this report of positioning research, you will find six detailed case studies of Lumiere scholars who are now attending the world’s top universities.

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