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Wevoi Reload Round Results Announced

Wevoi Reload Round Results Announced!

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional achievements of the participants in the Wevoi Reload Online Round.

In the JuniorVoi category,

Elani Ahmed Shah from Learning Alliance International secured the 3rd position, showcasing remarkable eloquence and skill.

In YoungsterVoi category,

Khawaja Hassan Yazdani from Beaconhouse Newlands, Multan claimed the 4th position.

In JuniorVoi category

Myra Adil from Learning Alliance International secured the 5th position.

The Gold Medalists, We extend our congratulations to Nawaal Raza Shirazi from Learning Alliance DHA, Ayesha Ali, Deena Ahmed, Daniyal Hassan, Naymet Qamar from Learning Alliance International and Behryab Khan from Beaconhouse Newlands Multan for their exceptional performances.

The Silver Medalists include Ibrahim Bin Adnan, Syed Hassan Ali, Samana Shabbir, Muhammad Bin Adnan, Arfa Noman, Khawaja Muhammad Hassan from Beaconhouse Newlands Multan, Hussain Abbas, Zaina Jamil, Syed Muhammad Zayn Al Abideen, Lyla Raazee from Learning Alliance DHA and Rafay Ozair, Muhammad Saleem Basheer, Minahil Khan, from Learning Alliance DHA.

The Bronze Medalists are Amna Aneeq, Izma Khan, M. Ahad Ali, Muhammad Abdullah, Zahra Kamal, Muhammad Irtaza Iqbal, Ishaal Fatima, Mehr Fatima, Areeha Adnan from Beaconhouse Newands, Multan, Aryana Awais, Zaynah Ahmed, Eshaal Ali, Duaa Shoaib, Jurayj Hamid Shaikh, Arisha Adeel from Learning Alliance International and Hassan Raza Shirazi, Sophia Hamid, Daniyal Tariq, Ayaan Shahbaz from Learning Alliance DHA received Bronze Medals for their commendable performances.

Congratulations to all the participants for their eloquence and dedication! Your thoughts resonate globally, and we are incredibly proud of each one of you for courageously speaking your hearts out and sharing your unique ideas during this public speaking contest.

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